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Outdoor KDF/Activated Carbon Portable Camping Filter

Pureplus YW003-H

This Pureplus YW003-H KDF Carbon Combination filter compatible W/ standard hose connector is specifically designed for outdoor travel, camping, and RV filtration usage.


  • KDF-55 Filtration Media: NSF 42 certified material and designed specifically for removing, reducing chlorine, heavy metals. Adsorbs up to 99% of lead, mercury, nickel, chromium, and other dissolved heavy metals. 

  • Coconut Shell Activated Carbon: NSF 42 certified, United States originated coconut shell activated carbon removes chlorine, odor, bad taste, dirt, dust, and particles.

  • BPA FREE Recyclable Shell: Outer Shell Made With EC1935/20004 Food Grade Material Certified BPA free PP (Polyethylene) Material.

  • Standard Hose Connection: This camping filter can be attached with United Sates standard garden water hose, RV water hose, camping site water hose.

  • ​Quick Connection Design:​ Quick and easy connect with the camping water house, garden house. 

  • Offer reasonable price without compromising quality and enjoy fresh water by replacing your water filter every 3 months, which will vary based on water conditions.

  • Interchangeable with Camco RV TastePURE KDF Water Filter and Camco 40045 TastePURE KDF Water Filter. This filter is not sourced by, sponsored by or approved by Camco.

Outdoor Emergency Portable Straw Filter

Explorateur YW001-N

This Exlporateur YW001-N straw filter with pharmaceutical grade hollow fiber design is ideal for hiking, travel, camping and emergency/survival use.


  • Pharmaceutical Grade UF Hollow Fiber Membrane:  Korea originated 0.01um ultra filtration pharmaceutical grade UF hollow fiber membrane removes up to 99.999% harmful waterborne bacteria like colibacillus, legionella, salmonella as well as waterborne protozoan parasites.

  • Outstanding Filtration Capacity: Filters up to 1500 liters of contaminated water WITHOUT iodine, chlorine or any other harsh chemicals

  • BPA FREE Recyclable Shell: Outer Shell Made With EC1935/20004 Food Grade Material Certified BPA free PP (Polyethylene) Material.

  • Convenient Portable Design: This Explorateur filter comes with an carrying pouch, emergency blankets, and knife outdoor survival kit. It can be attached onto the belt, backpack with a click-hook lock.

  • This Explorateur filter is suitable for hiking, camping, travelling and especially use as an emergency water source filter or back up water source.

  • Lightweight, portable makes this YW001-N filter an ideal travel companion for ultra-light hikers.

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