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It is recommended to replace the water filter cartridges every 6 months to keep your water filtration system working effectively. The filter`s filtration ability is reduced and decreased over time. Filter captured substance will remain inside the filter until new filter is installed.

Why every 6 months?


The NSF notes that most filters either trap contaminants in pores or they adhere to the surface of the media. In either case, the filter will eventually become “full” of contaminants. Once a filter becomes full, water will have a difficult time getting through it and what does get through may not be effectively filtered.

Why Filter Changes Are Important

  • Gradual decrease in water pressure, or reduced flow rate.

  • Bad taster re-appeared.

  • Visible color.

  • Taste of Chlorine.

  • Excessive daily usage exceeds filter designed filtration ability.

  • Always check the manufacturer's water usage guidelines.

Signs of filter Change


1. Mark it on the calendar. 

2. Buy multiple filter replacements at one time.

3. Coordinate with other maintenance around your home.

4. Use manufacturer provided month/year sticker.

Whole house water filters are low-maintenance workhorses but they do require some upkeep. By following these simple filter replacement recommendations, your whole house water filter will keep your water clean and safe for many years.

How Can I Remember to Replace My Filters?

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